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I Cried & Cried & Cried…….. A Lot!

& NO I did not cry because my son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome! I cried because I did not want him to go through whatever he will go through in this society.. A society that judges you for being “different.” As a mother all I want is to protect my own and even before anyone knew he had DS.. I cried.. That was how I spent my days and nights, just thinking and wondering how his life would be.

I would stare at him as he looked straight at me and cry. I felt this immense love for him yet all I did was cry. I got to the point where I would hate myself for crying instead of enjoying my first days at home with him.

All of this did go away but not easily and not without encouraging words from my husband, family and friends. I remember a friend posting on a photo that would reveal to my Instagram friends/family that my son had DS, “I would give anything to have my son with me!” She had lost her baby.

At that very moment I had an epiphany that would change my outlook completely and I thank God for her words. What she said was more than just a comment, it was reality! I did have my son with me and I was able to hold him in my arms and kiss him as he stared into my eyes. He was kicking and crying and he was determined to be part of this ill society.

Whatever it is that he will encounter, I made a promise to be there for him through the challenges and through the journey called “life.” I am blessed, I am grateful and I am strong, all because of he came into my life.

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