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So Who’s Fault Was This?

Once Rodrigo’s blood work came back his pediatrician made a call to the NICU, where we stayed for a week due to his high bilirubin level, to confirm his diagnosis. She told me that he indeed have Down Syndrome but it was the rarer type of Trisomy 21. There are rare types? Yes guys there are.. but that’s a topic for another blog.

Rodrigo had Translocation Down Syndrome. This meant that either mom or dad carried that extra chromosome in their genes. Who was the lucky parent to have this extra chromosome? We didn’t know, although I can easily assume it was my own. Why? Because DS is high incidence on my dads side of the family. When I mentioned this to the Dr. she simply said, “Oh honey it is not your fault, it isn’t anyones fault.”

Dad and I decided not to do genetic screening of ourselves. We just simply didn’t care and that would have not made a difference anyway. The doctors recommended we did genetic testing because we were more likely to have another DS baby since one of us was the “carrier.” We had decided to not have any more children even before Rodrigo was born, therefore we continued declining genetic testing. If it was my extra chromosome or Dad’s we still loved him the same.

The point is that this really was not anyones fault. & truly I don’t see it as a fault or look for someone to blame. God did not punish us for something we did or had done in our past. Although I was told by a couple people that if only I had waited longer to have another child my Papito would have been born “Normal” OUCH!! Luckily, I was too much in love with him to let the ignorant comments hurt me.

We did not have a prenatal diagnosis. During my pregnancy I declined all genetic testing, but I did this for all my pregnancies. For fear or for not caring I made that a decision from Ely, my first born, to Rodrigo my last baby. We found out the day he was born. I asked myself if knowing beforehand would have made a difference or not on my reaction, but who really knows? & if I had been aware that he had DS, would I have terminated the pregnancy? HECK NO!! All ultrasounds came back “normal.” My pregnancy was great! No complaints, besides the usual pregnant issues. No suspicions!

Regardless I am a blessed woman and mother. God rewarded me when he chose me to be Rodrigo’s mommy. He saw the strength I had and he believed in me to carry His child and raise him. He chose my family out of the millions of families out there because He knew how much we would love him. Thank you GOD for allowing my family and I to know of the joys he has brought and will continue bringing us.

So who’s fault was this? NO ONES!

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