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About my Diagnosis Not Identity BLOG..

I decided to blog because it was something I had in mind for a few months. Once I realized that my brain was not big enough to hold in so many thoughts I figured I would write about them. I honestly was not sure how to begin, all I knew, was what I wanted it to be about.

More than just sharing my thoughts and life journey with my son, I want to motivate and share knowledge. I have family with Down Syndrome; cousins, nieces and nephews but guess what?.. I have no clue about Down Syndrome! Well at least not before I had my son and actually saying that and knowing that makes me a bit sad.

It makes me sad because I have learned that people with DS are remarkable human beings. They are fighters, warriors and their strength is out of this world! & I’m not saying this because my son has DS. I’m saying it because whether it was my son or my family, individually people with DS are amazing & I don’t think the world gives them enough credit.

Touchy Subject

When a mother first finds out they are having a DS baby, our world comes pouring down with questions and insecurities. I wish there had been one person to tell me everything was going to be ok but the truth is no one really talks about it. No one says a word unless they know how the parents feel, probably out of respect.

After we “announced” that my son had Down Syndrome the support came running into our doors. But what do you say?

I know my family is on the shyer more optimistic side and they would try to comfort me by telling me, “he looks fine, he doesn’t look like he has Down Syndrome.” Whether they truly believed it in their hearts I won’t know. It’s just a touchy subject that no one really knows how to respond/react to. I sure didn’t.

Fact of the Matter

Is… that I hope this blog reaches out to the mother with a special needs child. That she can relate to me and that I can help her through the life journey that she is about to encounter.

I hope it encourages others to learn about special needs children and that they aren’t any different from us. I hope this blog helps you to see those special needs people differently.

Experiencing this life changing moment has helped me to see things differently and to learn more about them. They aren’t different; they just need more care more attention more help in different ways and stages.

If you are reading this..

My special needs child has Down Syndrome and that is why DS will be the topic of discussion for many of my blogs. I chose this blog title, “Diagnosis Not Identity,” because his diagnosis does not define his identity or character. It is just that, a diagnosis.

Please be patient as I learn more about how to blog. I may have typos or run-ons but all those imperfections will get better as time goes.

Thank you for reading!!

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