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Twenty Nineteen

Where to begin? You would think I would learn from my past experiences that I need to slow down and not put too much on my plate. Guess what? I haven’t. Here I am once again feeling a bit overwhelmed. Let me give you an update.

This year is very exciting. Actually the first part of my year is always exciting and it slows down towards the last 6 months. We are in March but so much has already happened. I am still trying to wrap my mind around blogging but I have not mastered it. I will start posting once a week on Monday mornings! Good way to start your week.

I love to do this, it is like therapy. That is why I am venting.


In January our weather was out of wack. We had a Winter Vortex, isn’t that just crazy? We have spent most of our winter hybernating. I mean it! No going out for the kids, only to school and back for Elyanna. How miserable is that? The sacrifices we take to keep them all healthy and away from the sickness.

In the midst of this weather we had plenty of time to brainstorm about what was next for our family. My husband and I decided, it was best for him to resign from his current position to be a stay at home dad. We were blessed to able to do this for our children and for ourselves. It was time.


February came and went. My daughter Ely saw her new pediatrician who recommended we see a podiatrist. She just falls too much. The podiatrist says that she looks great! She will outgrow these falls. Her bone development is a little delayed but still healthy. Phew!

I also got promoted, I applied for a Charge Nurse II position and I got an offer the following week. This was also a sad month. I had to say goodbye to the known and familiar faces of patients and staff to indulge in a new journey. Needless to say my last day at my old clinic was extremely sad.

I started my new job at the end of the month and I was excited to start my new position! Well, not all has been peaches and cream. I have encounter a few situations where I find myself overthinking if the decision I made was the right one. Yikes! It is, I know deep inside it was. This is what my family needs, a boost of income and job security. That did not mean I didn’t miss my old clinic. Separation anxiety kicked in!


Here we are in this lovely month! Papito was due for a 9 month check up. By the way I decided to switch his pediatrician. Which meant I had to switch all three kids just because that was easier for me. Anyway, we get to his check up and he is weighing in at 13lbs. Not good, but the new pediatrician said she would give him time to gain more weight. I could have sworn he weighed more, my arms and back told me so!

& the appointments begin. The doctor noticed one of his eyes moving side to side very slightly. You need to see the optomologist. His breathing is a bit loud, you need to see the ENT. I also want to know the condition of his heart, you need to see the Cardiologist. Needless to say, March is the month of appointments.

Feeling like we are at the tip of the iceberg again. Only this time we are much more resilient and stronger. Good thing dad does not work anymore! ENT checked him off saying he was fine, but he told us to make an appointment with the Neurologist.

That is 5 appointments so far! The month is not over yet!

On a side note our dog got into an altercation with another dog. Got a fracture on his left front leg, took him to the hospital, came out with a cast and a bill of $1,200. Not so bad I guess (rolling my eyes, pulling my hair, and screaming!).

What is Approaching

April is the month of birthdays. My two girls will turn a year older. I also have training in Irving, Texas at the end of April. Bittersweet, I dont want to leave my family but I am excited to learn!

May, my handsome little man turns 1!! Oh my God! I cannot explain how excited I am. I am currently looking for rental space to make a party bash for him. Very well deserved!

Looking forward to the rest of the year! But please slow down a bit. Thanks!!

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