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30-Day Blog Challenge

First of I apologize for the delay to post a blog. Last month was a hectic one! Between birthday planning and early intervention evaluations, it was impossible to even rest. But I am back!! Blogging is very important to me.

And since it is the begining of the month, I felt it was only right to start with a blog challenge. This was meant to be a 31-day challenge but since there are 30 days in June I am calling it a 30-day challenge. Enjoy!


As mentioned above last month was hectic. My son turned 1 and we are extremely blessed for that.

Birthday Celebration

My three children had evaluations last month. Ivan will be receiving additional therapies. Camilla will continue receiving developmental therapy. Elyanna will be transitioning to Kindergarten with additional resources to help her cope better with the change.

I will be discussing Early Intervention evaluations in a future post and Individual Educational Plans as well.

Without further ado lets dive into this challenge. Please if you haven’t done so yet subscribe! I post every Wednesday and my blog revolves around my personal experience as a special needs parent.

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