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Day 2

Meaning of My Business Name

Diagnosis Not Identity is the name of my personal blog. It is a business name that I would like to turn into a brand. The significance of this name is very simple.

My son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. The expectations this world has of him, because of his diagnosis, are not great. However, the expectations I have of him are limitless. Anyone that knows Rodrigo, sees his strength. Who he is or what he will be when he grows up are independent than the diagnosis under his name. His Identitiy is not defined by Down Syndrome.

It is important that the world understands that we cannot limit our expectations of a human being based on a diagnosis. Down Syndrome or not he will thrive in this world.

This name does not only apply to people with Down Syndrome. There are countless of diagnosis out there. Some are more common than others but beneath all of that is a human being with hopes and dreams. It is so important to my family and I to spread this message.

There is more of this business to come. I have so many plans for this brand and I am excited to see it all flourish!!

Reader: What is a message that you want to spread?? Comment below.

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