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Day 3

Earliest Childhood Memory

Take me back to Kindergarten!

I am not sure why or how I remember my first class experience; I guess because it was a very happy and fun one.

I remember screening day, where they ask a series of questions. I only knew my first and last name. Not sure what child knows their home phone and address but good for them! My parents wanted to place me in a bilingual class. Unfortunately due to my screening scores I was placed in an all Spanish class.

I remember my kindergarten teacher! Super pleasant. She was bilingual but spoke only Spanish in class. I also remember giving her a gift the last day of school, I forced my parents into doing that for her. I hope my mom kept my Kindergarten class photo somewhere with all the other old photos she keeps, who knows.

I went to Liberty School in Cicero. I lived next door. I went to school with my younger cousin. We both started kindergarten at the same time. I was older but was held back a year because of my birthday.

Anyway, that’s my earliest memory, kindergarten.

What is yours?

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