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Day 4

My Guilty Pleasure

Ah where to begin!? I have lots!! Including the occasional brownie, ice cream and chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream!!

All in all my biggest guilty pleasure are romantic movies. I am a sucker for movies that make me cry and feel butterflies.

My husband is not fan of this genre. He loves movies, he collects them. But none fall under the romantic genre. On the other hand, there is Me.

My favorite movie of all time is Titanic. That says enough about my preference in movies. I just love seeing people fall in love. I also love the suspence and even some unhappy endings. A recent movie I watched was, A Star is Born. Such a sad ending but a very good movie nonetheless.

Other favorites are The Notebook, of course, The Twilight Saga, Fifty Shades of Grey movies. I can go on and on. Basically any movie that involves a love story is for me!

A good mix of genres involving romance are also my favorites. Like La La Land and Knocked Up! Super different, yet a good love story in both.

What is your Guilty Pleasure? Any favorite movie Genres?

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