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Day 5

3 Personality Traits I Am Proud Of?

  1. Drive and Determination: This trait has helped me to accomplish my personal and career goals without a doubt! I have had people stomp on me and tell me I would fail, yet I prove them wrong everytime. I am a Registered Nurse because I was able to complete nursing school with hard work even when I had teachers and counselors tell me I couldn’t. I have held two managerial positions because I never give up on what is important to me, my career and my family. I am currently a Charge Nurse and this is not the end of my career goals.
  2. Compassion and Understanding: Not a trait I had from the start but one I have learned to incorporate in my daily life. I have been through some not so fun situations which helped change my views and feelings of certain things. Now I am able to have conversations and put myself in others shoes as well as help others understand my views and ideas. I am able to cope with difficult situations better and be a better person because of it.
  3. Adaptable and Optimistic: A trait that everyone should have!! I am not a fan of the Debbie Downer or the Negative Nancy. Actually anytime I run into someone who is negative I steer away from them. Life is short, no time to waste on negativity. I can adapt to any environment because I am optimistic of the outcomes and of people. It is so much easier to be like this. Granted there are times when I have a short fuse or worry but I do it with hopes of good outcomes. I worry a lot, but I worry just like any mother, wife, sister or daughter.

Those are it, I know they are two traits for each catergory but they go hand in hand.

What traits are you most proud of? Share!

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