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Day 6

10 Favorite Foods

1. Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta: Not just any pasta, the one from Cheesecake Factory. Yum!!

2. Ground Turkey Chilli: My own recipe. found it on Pinterest and made it my own. Super easy to make and very tasty!!

3. Pozole: My mother’s recipe. It has to be her pozole in order for it to be on my favorite foods list. No ones recipe other than hers comes close!!

4. Chiles Rellenos: Another traditional mexican dish. Very time consuming but so worth it in the end.

5. Burgers: Not just any fast-food joint burger. My favorite burger comes from Kuma’s Corner. The name, Pantera. Everything from the environment to the beer is great! Not a fan of the waiting time but it is worth it.

6. Tacos: Of course! I could not keep this one out the list.

7. Pizza: Who does not love pizza? Pizza of any kind, I once tried a pizza with potato wedges as a topping! Amazing.

8. Watermelon: Favorite fruit of all time, strawberries come close too.

9. Arroz Con Leche: A sweet, warm delicious dessert.

10. Shrimp: prepared in any way as long as it’s cooked!

There you have it, my 10 Favorite Foods, a good mix of everything. What is your favorite food?

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