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Day 8

Piercings & Tattoos

This one will be short and sweet!

NONE. Besides my ears, I have zero piercings and tattoos elsewhere.


Piercings were always tempting. A belly piercing, but I am too fat. A nose piercing, but my nose is too big. A lip piercing, but my lips are too big. Etc, etc.. It just never happened.


Every year that passed I’d say, “this year I’ll get a tattoo.” And even after making a perfect tattoo design in my head, I still have not gotten the guts to actually get it. By now it is just an excuse.My tattoo design has changed as the years have gone by and my priorities have changed. I’m glad I put it to the side for now. Someday..

Any tattoos and piercings? Maybe one that you regret getting? Or one that you want to get?

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