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Day 14

Timeline Of My Day

07:00am- Wake-Up

08:00am- Arrive to work

09:00am- Plan MyDay/Review Calendar For Meetings

10:00am- Check-In With Floor Staff, Address Concerns/Issues

11:00am- Review Reports/Print Reports

12:00pm-Work On Audits/Staff and Patient Schedules

1:00pm- Lunch.. Maybe.

2:00pm- Answer Phone Calls/Emails

3:00pm- Check-In With Floor Before Heading Home

4:00pm- Leave Office and Go Home

5:00pm- Start Dinner

6:00pm- Eat Dinner/Family Time

7:00pm- Watch Netflix/Series

8:00pm- Husband Puts Girls to Sleep

9:00pm- Put Baby to Sleep

10:00pm- Go To Bed!

And the next day all over again. Unless, something unexpected/interesting happens.

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