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Day 15

Dream Job

Is it possible to land a dream job??

My dream job is in the near future I hope. I am fairly close to it. I became a Registered Nurse because of my passion to help others.

Along with helping others my dream job consists of recognition. Hard work that is not acknowledged is by far the worst feeling ever!! But the opposite of this is very satisfying. Once recognized I feel valued.

Flexibility is also very important. I want to be able to work to enjoy the lifestyle I wish to have, which includes spending time with my family. Maybe even work from home? Being able to come home without stressing about work is important.

Helping others, recognition, flexible and well paid. If a job does not value my work through pay then I do not need to work there. At the end of the day even loving the job you do will not cover the expenses of owning a house, children or even groceries.

A dream job to me is the definition of doing what I love, being recognized for my hard work and getting well paid while still enjoying my life at home with my family.

What does your dream job look like?

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