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Day 20

Something I Miss

Something I miss, that I should not, is going to church. I say I should not miss it because I should have never stopped. Although my relationship with God is much stronger than what it used to be, I believe going to church would make it better.

When my son was born, we had to step back from going to church. Taking him out even in the slightest would cause him to become sick. He was a very sickly baby. We stopped going out all together, not just to church but also to the stores, to relatives houses to the park.

Now that he seems to be doing a lot better, getting back to the routine of going to church seems unattainable. Dad works Sundays from 7:30a-11a. Church service begins at 11am and that is the last service of the day. But there are zero excuses to not going.

Another resolution to work on this year.

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