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Day 25

5 Favorite Blogs

Of course I have to feature my own blogs.

  1. https://diagnosisnotidentity.blog/2019/01/19/he-has-down-syndrome/ My most popular post by far. My first post!
  2. https://diagnosisnotidentity.blog/2019/01/27/home-birth-life-changing/ I gave my heart and soul to this one. Along with great tips and links.
  3. https://diagnosisnotidentity.blog/2019/04/02/expect-the-unexpected/ A very motivational blog in my eyes.
  4. https://diagnosisnotidentity.blog/2019/02/20/grieving-a-loss/ Not sure if posting this one would get me negative outcomes but I was 100% truthful.
  5. https://diagnosisnotidentity.blog/2019/04/03/do-you-feel-like-hurting-yourself-part-i/; https://diagnosisnotidentity.blog/2019/04/17/do-you-feel-like-hurting-yourself-part-ii/; https://diagnosisnotidentity.blog/2019/05/01/post-partum-depression-part-iii/ & of course my 3 part post-partum depression series.

Happy Reading!

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