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Blogging Updates: My Journey

This is a personal blog post.

I have not posted in weeks. In fact, this whole month my attention has been shifted towards self-care.

What Have I Been Working On?


We visited Bloomington Minnesota! It was just wonderful. We visited Nickelodeon Universe, Minnesota Zoo, The Crayola Experience, Sea Life Aquarium, and great food joints! Let me tell you, it feels great to wake up at whatever time you want with the people you love.

Change of Job

I am no longer a Dialysis Charge Nurse. The expectations and job description were beyond attainable. Honestly, management in a dialysis environment, can be mentally exhausting. This job was not fulfilling my career aspirations. More on this topic to come. My new job title is RN Case Manager.

Financial Budgeting

Spending $500 on eating out is no longer an option. I took the time to review our family’s monthly expenses and I was shocked to see that $800 went to grocery stores, yet we spent $500 on eating out, for the month of July! How does that happen?? We are on the road to recovery and fixing our financials.

Family & Relationship

I got lost within all the stresses of life. My parenting skills were suffering yet again. Taking a vacation helped to re-connect with my kids and husband. I was happy once again. Our family bond got stronger. My husband and I realized we can have fun with our three kids and not just focus on being parents. Oh and changing jobs helped tremendously.

Healthy Eating

I am turning 30 next month and my metabolism gave up on me. Whatever I eat stays in my body and I’ve been feeling the heaviness take over. I am on day 8 of a healthy eating routine and I have discovered a new world of healthy dieting and self discipline!

Disclosure: Self-care is not always about taking care of ourselves but it is about taking care of those surrounding us so that we can feel better overall.


I am working on re-branding my blog from top to bottom! This is very exciting and I am looking forward to providing higher quality blog posts. Stay tuned!

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