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30 Things I Have Learned In 30 Years

I turned 30 years old this month and I was scared to get to this point. Why? Responsibility! At 30 there is zero to no tolerance for “carelessness”. Or at least that’s what I thought.

I am listing 30 things I have learned in my 30 years of existence in no particular order.

Here we go:

1. Time flies!

I learned this when I had my first child, who happens to be 5 now. And also when I completed the 2-year dreaded Nursing Program. No joke! Time flies.

2. Little things matter most.

While an all paid vacation to the Bahamas is always amazing. A picture of our family drawn by my daughter means more to me than anything else!

3. Save, save, save!

I am 30 without a retirement plan, a savings account and in some debt. It felt great to spend every check on going out with friends and treating my family to dinners. But I am struggling to fund my children’s education fund because of my debt. Not worth it! P.s. I started a budgeting plan.

4. Forgive.

If someone has hurt you to the point of damaging a relationship the best thing to do is forgive. For peace and closure. Holding grudges has never done anything for them but it takes a toll on our personal life.

5. You can’t take care of anyone or anything else unless you take care of yourself.

When I felt into PPD I did not want to accept it. I continued to be a “good” mother and wife but I was by far the worst during that time. Take care of yourself and everything else will fall into place.

6. Organization will keep you sane.

I cannot tell you how many times I forgot things over the last years because of my lack of organization. Not even nursing school motivated me to be organized. Finally, 3 kids, a full time job and a blog later, I finally got the hang of what a planner is for. LOL!

7. Your “negative Nancy” and “Debby downer” attitude needs to STOP!

Seriously, whoever walks around mad at the world needs a life check! I was this person until I realized it takes a lot more work to be negative than to be happy.

8. Give yourself the opportunity to be happy.

Don’t stay in one spot because you are “comfortable” or because it’s “easy.” I have tested my limits when it comes to my true calling and happiness. I don’t entertain anyone that doesn’t contribute to my happiness.

9. Take Pictures, lots of them!

So what if you take selfies everyday. If you have kids please take pictures of every single moment. I love to look back at special moments and I get angry when I don’t have pictures to look at, when I forget to take the camera out.

10. Educate yourself.

I am in love with learning and sharing knowledge. I have an Associate’s Degree but I want more. Since this blog I’ve started learning from Skillshare and YouTube. The opportunities to expand your knowledge on anything are endless!

11. Put your phone down!

I get it, you’re bored and your hideout is your phone. My husband and I put our phones away when we are out and about. Unless you are taking photos, enjoy the time and spend it less on your phone.

12. Use Yelp!

I am a fan of this app. If I am craving a certain style of dinner I go into yelp and check reviews. It is especially useful when organizing date nights. Yelp has never disappointed and it’s by far the best of the best!

13. Thumbtack

Speaking of apps another one I live by is Thumbtack. From photographers to face painters and lawyers, you name it, they have it. Thumbtack has also proven to be reliable and a great application.

14. Stop worrying about the things you can’t control.

This was a tough realization, luckily my faith has my back. I am a hard core worrier! But since I have adopted this concept, I no longer worry about little or big things. There are two days you can’t change, “yesterday and tomorrow” so live today to the fullest!

15. Self confidence is easy to loose and tough to obtain; but once you have it, the world is at your hands.

For a very long time I lived with little to no confidence. I would drown myself on what people thought of me or saw me as. But one thing I am confident about is my career. I have proven to myself to be a great asset to any company I join. Kudos to me! Self-praise is amazing.

Stay tuned for part II of this post.

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