Hello Everyone! My name is Marisol, I am a full time Registered Nurse in the lovely state of Illinois. I reside outside the cold city of Chicago and I love to write! I also have a family that consists of 3 wonderful children and an amazing husband.

My son was diagnosed with Translocation Down Syndrome and I had minimal resources. All I got was a few sympathetic remarks and a book about Trisomy 21. There were zero people sharing my emotions and situation, I thought.

Therefore, I want to motivate, inspire and share knowledge of what it is to have a special needs child. When I come home from a long day at work all I want to do is put my feet up, drink coffee and write! Instead I punch in to start my additional full time job of being a mother.

To the special needs mother, struggling to wake up with a smile on their face and encounter the tasks of their day, subscribe to my blog. I will be sharing insight as well as real, hardcore truth and advice on how to juggle a job, a home, a love life and a special needs child all at the same time!